Japanese or Chinese acupuncture is there really a difference?

One of the most obvious differences between Japanese and Chinese Acupuncture is the pre-treatment. With Japanese, observation is obtained by palpation of the hara (abdomen) along with other areas referred to as reflex points. Where Chinese acupuncture relies on the theoretical training and history of the patient, the Japanese style finds the exact needle location of each needle by checking how the point affects the area they are palpating before the needle is inserted.                                                Another large difference is the use of moxa specifically O’kyu or rice grain moxa, which has so many fantastic qualities. I would encourage you to listen to this pod cast.

If you are interested in learning more about the style of Japanese acupuncture I am practicing/learning please click here.

My teachers                                                                                                                                    Master Kiiko Matsumoto is more than incredible to learn from, her passion, mind and humor makes it easy to keep learning.  I look forward to every class she teaches and feel very grateful she is willing to share her wealth of knowledge with us.

Monika Kobylecka is one of the best! Monika uses fantastic analogies and her extensive knowledge makes learning KMS (kiiko matsumoto style) exciting to learn.

One last video from a doctor I enjoy learning from and highly recommend his book ‘A spark in medicine’. This is a short video shedding some light on acupoints – what are they?

Scientific Studies from PubMed;  If that’s your thing!